Kerala Lottery Result 27 4 21


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Kerala Lottery Result 27 4 21

What are the 7 Daily lotteries in Kerala?

Kerala Lottery Result The seven daily lotteries are Pournami lottery, Win-Win lottery, Sthree Sakthi Lottery, Akshaya Lottery, Karunya Plus lottery, Nirmal lottery, and Karunya lottery on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday respectively.

How to check Kerala Lottery result 2021?

You can check the result through websites of Kerala Lottery Results. Lottery today result is Nirmal Lottery NR-239 on 27-08-2021 and yesterday old Kerala lottery result is also available here... Directorate of Kerala Lotteries declares today's official Nirmal NR239 Kerala Lottery Result on Friday, 27-08-2021.

What is the time of SS-258 results of Kerala lotteries?

Kerala Lotteries wont to declare the result live from 3.00 PM every day and the official Sthree sakthi SS-258 Results are out there when 4:00 PM on their official website.

When will Akshaya AK 536 Kerala lotteries result 2022 be announced?

Kerala Lotteries Result today on 16th February 2022 will be announced shortly. Kerala lottery live results for Akshaya AK 536 starting at 2.55 pm and official result published at 4 pm on Wednesday.

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