Kn360 Lottery Result


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Kn360 Lottery Result

What time does Kerala lotteries declare results?

Kerala Lotteries wont to declare the result live from 3.00 PM every day and the official Karunya plus KN-360 Results are out there when 4:00 PM on their official website.

How many prizes are there in Karunya plus lottery?

Karunya Plus lottery ticket has 8 prizes including consolation prize. The first prize winner got 80 lakhs rupees and the second and third prizes are 10 lakhs and 1 lakh (1 prize in each series) respectively. A total of 217105 prizes were given to the winners.

What is the MRP for Sthree Shakthi lottery in Kerala?

Sthree Shakthi lottery MRP is Rs. 40/- only. The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the Kerala lottery results published in the Kerala Government Gazette surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

What is the first prize in Kerala Bhagyakuri lottery 2021?

Today Kerala Lottery Result from keralalotteryresult. First prize only 80 lakhs Today Kerala bhagyakuri result is Karunya Plus (KN-360) 18-03-2021 weekly lottery draw conducted by Kerala lottery department at Gorky Bhavan using Lottery Machine, live results starting at 3. 00 pm. Karunya Plus lottery KN-360 MRP is Rs. 40/- only.

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