List of Best 43-inch Smart TVs in India 

Smart TVs are the best revolution to occur in the entertainment industry. What was once a bulky box with limited choices has now boiled down to a thin frame with unlimited possibilities.  With various channels to shuffle, OTT setups, photosharing, workspace, gaming setup, and numerous other features it offers, smart TVs are readily sought after by many. Here is a list of the best 43- inch smart TVs that are worth investing in for the best smart features that it offers. 

  1. LG Full HDTV

This is one of the best smart TVs that provides the best viewer experience. It has a full screen of 43 inches HD display with a dynamic image enhancer. The active HDR feature provides the best color quality.  The scene-by-scene adjustment technology and the best audio quality that this smart TV offers give the best life-like experience. 

Price: Rs. 33,990* on Croma 

  1. Sony Bravia X75 Series

Sony Bravia X75 series has the best motion technology feature and provides a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. The clear phase audio system setup in this smart TV makes sure that all the inaccuracies are filtered, and only the purest audio quality is delivered. It also has other features like Chromecast, googles assist, and voice-enabled Alexa for a better user experience. 

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Price: Rs. 61,740* in Croma


Xiaomi offers all the best possible features of the smart TV at the most affordable price.  It has an ULTRA 4K HD model which provides a great quality clear picture.  It comes with 5000+ apps and numerous OTT platforms. The TV is connectable using multiple options like WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, or smart remote. This smart TV is smartly built with an attractive outlook. 

Price: Rs. 29,999* on Croma

  1. Samsung Android TV of 43-inch (8 Series)

The color mapping technology and the 4k processor make the screen resolution lifelike and crisp. The HDR feature boosts light levels providing vivid details of dark scenes. This smart TV can be operated through mobile and is easy to use. The Motion Xcelerator feature provides a visual treat to the viewers in every frame and scene. Samsung is well known for its quality and is the best brand to buy smart TV on EMI. 

Price: Rs. 47,990* on Amazon

  1. Sanyo Kaizen XT-43UHD4S

Sanyo drivers great quality features at the best price. It comes with 1.03 billion color features providing the most authentic screen view. The in-built OTT platforms with amplified super acoustics audio provide you with the best viewer experience. The audio link bluetooth connectivity of this smart TV makes it ideal for family use. 

Price: Rs. 32,999* on Amazon

These are some of the best 43-inch smart TVs that you can invest in. With the help of ZestMoney, you can purchase these with no hassles or worry involved about the cost. You just need to sign in, choose the preferred installment plan, and buy whatever you want!

*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.