Lots A Pizza


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Lots A Pizza

Why choose Lotsa stone fired pizza?

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza uses nothing but the highest quality ingredients for every pizza & salad we build. Our menu items are all made from scratch right in front of you then placed in our 800 degree brick oven. Come watch your pizza bake in just minutes! Here are just a few of our mouth watering brick oven pizzas.

What are the ingredients in lots a pizza?

Pepperoni, spiced ham, sweet ham, smoked bacon, burger pellets, pineapple slices, button mushroom, green bell pepper, white onion, Lots’a Pizza cheese, and mozzarella cheese- all tossed on top of rich Pinoy style pizza sauce abed a rectangular premium thick crust-WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR? Sweet with a dash of fruity flavor!

What are the best toppings at lots’a pizza?

Pure Beef toppings have been for the longest time one of the best-selling flavors of LOTS’A PIZZA with its delectable blend of 100% Pure Beef Pellets, Mushroom and Green Bell Peppers.

What is on a Hawaiian pizza from lots a pizza?

Sweet with a dash of fruity flavor! Hawaiian pizza lovers will love this treat with two variations of ham, plus smoked bacon, slices of sweet pineapple, Lots’a Pizza cheese, and mozzarella cheese in Pinoy style pizza sauce, all on top of the rectangular premium thick crust.

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