Make Your Wood Fire Pit Last Longer With Proper Maintenance

Fire pit season is here! As many uncover their wood burning fire pits from the winter or invest in a new fire pit, its pertinent to brush up on the maintenance aspect of fire pits. It’s important to keep your pit looking great and free of grime, soot and rust. For your protection when cleaning, always use eye protection, rubber gloves and a dust mask

Metal Surfaces:
Removing loose debris from the exterior and interior parts of your fire pit can be easily accomplished with a dry stiff bristle brush. Then using a solution of a quarter cup of washing soda dissolved in one gallon of hot water makes the perfect cleaner. Use the stiff bristle brush to scrub all the metal surfaces and decoration parts with the hot water solution. Afterwards rinseall the soap and grime off with thoroughly with fresh water via a water hose and appropriate nozzle. Remember to scrub the grates and screens as well!

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Stone and Masonry:
Mix one half cup of grease fighting dishwashing liquid in two gallons of hot water. Use the solution and again, a scrub brush to clean all areas of the stone or masonry. When finished spray rinse with fresh water to remove all the soap suds.

Wood burning fire pits:
A wood fire pit requires some extra care and safety measures. First, never use accelerants to start a fire. Fires started with accelerants actually result in a much hotter fire that can damage your fire pit! Creosote is a by-product of burning wood. It is important to regularly remove this creosote that builds up over time. The creosote itself is highly flammable and can be dangerous if left to build up. Scrub it offwith a stiff bristled brush dipped in the same washing sods solution that is used for cleaning metal.

Never use water to extinguish a fire in your fire pit. The water temperature is drastically cooler and the sudden change of temperature could cause your fire pit to warp or crack. Remember also, the ash from the burning wood can smolder for days after the actual fire dies down. Use caution. As soon as the cinders and ash are cool enough to handle, use leather or heavy work gloves and a trowel to scopup the cinders and ash innto a metal can that has a lid. Keep your fire pit ash free and ready for the next enjoyable use!

Routine Maintenance:
Regularly check your gas or propane connections for looseness. Tighten the connections if needed. Check all hardware too before using your fire pit each season.

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Prevention Tips:
Store yor fire pit in a dry, sheltered location and use a cove during the winter to protect from the harsh winter condtions. Using a cover not only protects the fire pit but it helps reduce the amount and frequency of cleaning.
Never throw any kind of trash into your fire pit. Glass bottles can burst or crack creating dangerous projectiles. Keep all plastics well away from the fire or any hot surface. Plastics can warp and melt resulting in a huge gooey mess that can be very difficult to clean.
Melting plastics and some other products can produce very toxic fumes. So educate your children and family regarding this.

Now your fire pit is ready for the cool evenings of spring, perfect for just relaxing outdoors or for entertaining friends and family. Read a book by the fire, enjoy a cocktail or coffee and build some fun memories!