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What is the meaning of MAPEH in education?

About MAPEH (Music, Art, Physical Education & Health) – Education as profession Meaning of MAPEH Basically, it means Music Arts PE (physical education) and Health. A compilation of combined subjects taught in schools all over the Philippines previously known to be of separate entities when I was in high school.

What are MAPEH art modules?

One way to do that is to offer small scale projects called MAPEH art modules. These arts and crafts projects are used to develop the vision and arts knowhow of students whether elementary or high school. Art modules have become a major component for learning more about the subject matter.

Who are the expected attendees of this year’s MAPEH?

Expected attendees are school principals; head teachers of Filipino, English, and Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health ( MAPEH ); High School Teachers of Filipino, English, and MAPEH and Grade 9 Junior High School (JHS) students.

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