Maximizing Storage Spaces In the UK: A Definitive Guide

It’s not every day you get to make use of a storage facility in your area. But living in a bustling place such as the UK only gives you much space until you need to buy or rent yourself some more. Usually, it’s not customary for someone to be extra knowledgeable about storage spaces: pricing, distance, available sizes, and whatnot. It’s not commonplace in a conversation. It’s more of a thing that comes up upon need, which renders you into a deep dive into learning about it, which might take you hours of study to proceed and have it all set. Let’s make today different. Let’s presume that you are lucky today because we have gathered up a list compiling the more prominent storage facility finders in the UK. In this concise list, you can check on how to make the most out of your experience while making sure you have indeed earned the worth of how much you are cashing out.


Henfield Storage 


First on our list is Henfield, a family-ran storage facility. They offer all kinds of storage spaces for any context that you may need: from business/commercial, to personal, or even temporary; they are sure to cater to your needs. They are very confident about this, as they have been capitalizing on the fact that they are part of a 40-year business group that seems to stand unwavering. They serve parts of South London, North London, Southwest London, West London, Surrey, Central London, and even Sussex. Specifically, you may spot their branches over at Chiswick, StaplesCorner, Southwark, Wimbledon, and Horsham.

Benefits of availing Henfield Storage:

  • You can easily find a branch near you by putting in your zip code through their site. You may opt to either push through with booking via phone or online. They even offer to pick your stuff up for free! (if you’re availing for three months or above and is inclusive of man and van services)
  • Tons of discounts and even boasts price match guarantee (5% for three months pre-pay, 10% for six months pre-pay, 15% for 12 months pre-pay)
  • Their facilities always have staff ready and more than willing to help you with your stuff
  • Over-the-top security – Their facilities are equipped with motion lighting, motion sensors, fire points, and full staff quotas, among other inclusions. Only you hold the key to your unit and is guarded by staff during office hours. Also, only you and the handler of your storage is allowed in your availed unit




This next one is a total game-changer. easyStorage is another UK-based storage facility that boasts that they sell their units at half the price of what most facilities offer. Also, to up it an ante, they have these “easyPods” which are transported to where you reside. This is where you load your stuff up. Afterwards, they are security sealed and are brought to a specified facility. It’s a pretty futuristic approach to a straightforward business, proving just how downright ingenious they are. They are ready to serve most of London, and they’ll bring the storage unit to you as long as there’s a 2-day notice prior. You can reach out to them via website or phone. 


Benefits of availing easyStorage:

  • They offer their services in a way that what’s left for you to do is think of what to store then pay. They offer to pick up your items and even drop it off to at your doorstep when needed. The gas, driving, and van are free. All you need to do is pay for the loading. They even do the inventory of your items for you!
  • They offer a tool on their website that can estimate the best amount of space you need. You will input all the stuff you plan to put in your unit, and it does the virtual “Tetris” of it all to figure out what’s the best size of an easy pod you should avail. 




This one has much to offer, even specializing packages for every type of niche and need! Lovespace offers next day delivery from your home to the facility and vice versa. They calculate what you will pay for by the amount of stuff you’re planning to put in and the length of stay those items will be in their hands. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, and it helps a lot that delivery is fast. They cater to most of the UK, and surprisingly offers discounted deals if you’re a student and specialized transactions when you use their space for your business needs.


Benefits of availing Lovespace: 

  • You may use either the site or their app when booking a unit. The app allows for real-time tracking of your orders and more accessible inventory for keeping track of a list of what you have stored with them
  • Prices differ with the niche of storage you’re availing. For students, you may either get it at the price points of summer storage for stuff you don’t need on school breaks, a short stay for transient needs or even a more extended stay at a price for a studying bloke. For businesses, you may opt to get a quote at a low price, knowing that you are storing in bulk. 
  • Items are sure to be secure no matter how important or confidential as it is locked in a facility just outside of London and is monitored by a CCTV system 24/7


Their introduction is pretty simple: they have the lowest price, they’ll get your stuff from your place for free, they store it in a state-of-the-art secure facility, and their customer service is undoubtedly top-notch. It’s the best combination for a storage facility if you’re going to ask me. They boast that they can store “just about anything”, which makes them different for being able to save anything under the sun. Servicing most of the UK, also offers storage at varying degrees may it be for business or personal use. 


Benefits of availing

-best customer service by a family-owned business. Nothing compares to the touch and heart of a company that runs along generations. 

-They offer the lowest rates that are fixed and unwavering up to 5 years with no deposit or advanced payment required

-It’s all up to you how you want to store your stuff: may it be that you hire a removals or man and van service or you plan up bonding with your family and friends and do the dirty work of it all

-The security here is high-class, as the facility where your stuff will be is armed and guarded by a closed-circuit TV, electric fencing, security barriers, individual unit protection (through seals or cards), security patrol 24/7, Red Care alarms, and photo identity-entry. It’s pretty intense up here. 


To fully maximize and truly make the most out of your self-storage experience, we might as well introduce you to  WhatStorage.It is known to have partnered with over 52 facilities all around the UK to give you only the best offers and the best deals in terms of storage units. Again, no one has the time to do all the research, so might as well simplify your life and ease through the hassle with a search filter tool. WhatStorage cuts the time you will spend working on comparing and searching between storage facilities as the site does it all for you. You may also toggle and optimize the search so you can quickly look for a preferred, size, price, distance, and amenity included in your storage unit. From here, you can easily find a way to contact the facility of your preference and start booking your preferred unit immediately.