My Father Is A Policeman


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My Father Is A Policeman

Why is'my father is a policeman'trending?

After the video went viral, the phrase “my father is a policeman” was among the trending topics related to the incident. It was uttered by Nuezca’s young daughter, who was also seen in the clip. Criticisms were directed towards the young girl, with netizens calling her out for “lack of empathy” as she stood unflinching even as two people were ...

What is my dad's a policeman about?

The second novel, and first quick read title, from Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Cathy Glass. My Dad's a Policeman is a dramatic and engaging story of a young boy with an alcoholic mother. Lonely, bullied and desperate for a life of happiness and security he tells everyone he meets his dad's a policeman.

Did a police officer shoot a mother and son in Paniqui?

BREAKING: A police officer assigned at the Parañaque City shot to death a mother and her son in Paniqui, Tarlac. Her father—the policeman, who has a sworn duty to protect citizens—was the one who pulled the trigger, not her. He was the one who owned, carried, pointed and used the gun on the mother and son after their argument.

What does Ryan tell his peers about his father?

Fast-paced and compelling, this short story from Cathy Glass follows the experiences of a Ryan, a small and lonely 12-year-old boy who struggles to fit in. In an attempt to make friends, and discourage the school bullies from picking on him, Ryan tells his peers that his dad is a policeman.

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