Newborn Baby Essentials: 7 Things You Need to Buy Before the Baby Arrives


Do you have a baby on the way, or you’re planning to have one soon? Congratulations! Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences a person can have. You probably have a lot on your mind. You’re going to doctor appointments and plowing through stacks of books.

As soon as you find out you’re going to have a baby, you also learn that babies need a lot of things: diapers, nappies, clothes, car seats, cots. The list goes on. You can put off some things until later in the pregnancy because they don’t require that much research or legwork, but bigger items such as nursery furniture should be done when you have a more manageable bump size and energy.

Some parents even buy a bigger house in the last trimester, and they still manage. However, it does make life more complicated, and it doesn’t have to be. Of course, this article is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does include some essential items you shouldn’t put off.   

Baby Clothes

The first things people buy when they find out they’re having a baby are baby clothes. That’s because baby clothes are adorable! You could easily blow your entire budget on cute little rompers, caps, and socks. But don’t go overboard. You’ll have plenty more things to buy, and babies grow very quickly.

As a general rule, you want to stay away from anything with buttons, ribbons, ties, heavy embellishments, sequins, and glitter. Opt for cotton-based, comfortable fabrics. We also recommend that you buy clothes that are easy to put on. Imagine how you’ll feel when you spend 10 minutes dressing your baby in an adorable little outfit, and then they spit up on it.

Babies are also quite tricky to dress because they’re so small and delicate, so you’ll want to avoid clothes that go over the head or have buttons on the back. Instead, it’s better to choose things with open fronts and envelope necks.

You’ll need about a dozen sleepsuits, five pairs of irresistibly cute pairs of cotton socks, at least two caps, and two or three swaddles. You also don’t have to spend a fortune because there are always special offers online, and you can look for BuyBuy Baby coupon tips.

Lots and Lots of Diapers

The average adorable baby will use about 375 diapers per month in their first few months. Now, you may be tempted to buy them in bulk and build a diaper stockpile before the baby arrives, but that’s not such a good idea. First of all, your doctor will probably give you an estimate of how much your baby will weigh after birth, but they can’t know for sure. You don’t want to spend your money on a stockpile of diapers in the wrong size.

Secondly, you’ll want to test a few brands (usually 2 or 3) to see which ones your baby is most comfortable with. Don’t worry about missing special offers. You’ll always find offers and coupons online.

You’ll also need reusable cotton nappies. Since you have to change them as soon as they are soiled, you’ll want to stock up. You can also find nappies with biodegradable lining, which you can remove and flush down the toilet. Don’t forget to buy separate dustbins for diapers as well.

Additionally, you’ll need a changing mat, wet wipes, and rash cream. You can try different brands for the rash cream and wet wipes, but it’s best to ask your doctor for recommendations.

Nursing Clothes

You’ll also need new clothes. Nursing clothes, to be more precise. This will include nursing covers, nursing bras, breast pads, and nipple shields. The clothes you wear while you’re nursing should either be loose or have buttons. Dark colors are also good because they’re better at concealing breast milk stains. Since we’re on the topic, consider looking for a good nipple cream as well.

Breast Pumps

When it comes to breast pumps, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Manual or electric. Open or closed systems. Pumps that work on one breast or both at the same time. It’s up to you to decide which you’d prefer. Breast pumps usually come in a set with storage bottles and bags, clips, labels, and so on.

Feeding Bottle

Even if you plan on breastfeeding your baby, we assure you that you will still need feeding bottles. They come in many different varieties. We recommend BPA free feeding bottles with anti-colic nipples. Anti-colic nipples help minimize the amount of air your baby swallows while they’re eating.

You’ll also need a bottle cleaning brush and a sterilizer. It’s very important to maintain a high level of hygiene for the baby, especially in the first year. Electric sterilizers kill 99,9% of germs.


The average baby sleeps a whopping 14 to 17 hours per day. That’s if you’re lucky. Of course, they’ll need a safe and comfortable sleeping area. For the first six months, it’s recommended that the baby sleeps close to mom in a co-sleeper that attaches securely to the bed and has a padded drop-side.

You should also get a crib with a firm and flat mattress, protected by a waterproof cover. It’s best to avoid fluffy mattresses and pillows because there’s a risk of suffocation. The blankets and sheets should be from light and comfortable fabrics.

And of course, you’ll need a baby monitor regardless if the baby is sleeping in the same room as you or not, since they sleep for so many hours. Babies have shorter sleep cycles and, in the first few months, they can wake up even every 40 minutes. The baby monitor will allow you to do other things around the house or take care of your other kinds.  

Car Seat

Car seats are mandatory. The hospital won’t even let you take your baby home if you don’t have a car seat. Keep in mind that although a pregnancy usually takes 40 weeks, 1 out of every 13 babies don’t abide by this schedule and arrive early, so you need to buy your car seat ahead of time.

It’s best to buy a car seat before 24 weeks since this will give you a chance to practice fitting it into your car correctly.