Nipple Tape


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Nipple Tape

Do you know the meaning of nipple tape basics?

But for many Filipinas who grew up in strict Catholic homes, ditching the bra can be intimidating. So before you burn your bras and apply next-level business casual wherever you go, uncover some nipple tape basics. What is the use of nipple tape? Pasties, otherwise known as nipple tape, are patches of material that cover your nipples and areolae.

What is breast tape and how to use it?

This tape is specifically designed to ensure that your breasts stay where you want them to be and avoid unnecessary flashing in low-cut dresses that might be more on the daring and revealing side. 1. Patch Test This step is important! The importance of doing a patch taste on your skin before taping your breasts cannot be understated.

How to prevent chafing of nipples?

Practical nipple tape: prevent your nipples from chafing when exercising strenuously, also can protect your nipples when taking off your stuffy undergarments Breathe sufficiently: ventilated nipple tape create comfortable environment for your nipples, helps the nipple cover stay in the place firmly due to it is not easy to sweat-off

How to tape your breasts for a plunge dress?

Repeat on the other breast. For a more push-up effect and depending on where the plunge of the dress ends, you can tape horizontally under your breasts to lift them and bring them together. Step 1. Depending on your preference, you can opt to lean over or lie on your back when doing this taping method.

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