Nirmal Lottery Result 2 4 2021


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Nirmal Lottery Result 2 4 2021

How to check Nirmal nr-218 lottery results?

> Look for 'Kerala Lottery Result 2.4.2021 Nirmal NR-218' and click on it > A new page will display 'Nirmal NR-218' lottery results. Kerala had set up India’s first lottery department in 1967. The department released its first lottery ticket on November 1 that year.

When is the next draw of Nirmal lottery 2021?

The latest Nirmal result was draw NR-254. The next draw will be Nirmal NR-255 on Friday 17th December 2021. Want to play the Lottery online? Download a VPN and follow the instructions here.

What is the Nirmal lottery?

The Nirmal game was launched on 7th October 2017 and continues to be drawn every Friday at 3:00 pm at Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw is supervised by Kerala Lottery staff members. If the number on your ticket matches one of the winning numbers, you’ll receive the associated prize amount.

Do I have to live in Kerala to play Nirmal lottery?

Players do not have to live in Kerala in order to purchase Nirmal tickets. Revenue from the Nirmal Lottery helps to fund Kerala's sanitation and waste management, as well as improving the natural environment in the state. You win the top prize of ₹70 Lakhs if your ticket number is random selected as the jackpot winner in the weekly draw.

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