Oversized T-shirts


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Oversized T-shirts

Are there any oversized T-shirts for men?

Our collection of oversized T-shirts for men make for a low-key casual style statement and range from every day to eye catching. Our online edit has sleeveless, long-sleeved and short-sleeved designs that come printed and patterned with stripes, checks and slogans and plain, as well as with slogans.

Should you wear an extra large T-shirt?

On days when you feel like dressing down for comfort, an extra large tee is a simple way to look effortless. Whether you’re heading out for brunch with the dolls or having a dress down day at your 9-5, an oversized shirt provides effortless options for styling.

Is an oversized T shirt your go-to wardrobe piece?

An oversized t shirt is about to become your go-to wardrobe piece (if it isn’t already). We low-key love the oversized look and we’re bringing you the baggy, bold styles you need to be wearing this season.

How do you style an oversized T-shirt?

Throw on some cycle shorts and lace-up trainers and you have a killer off-duty outfit sorted. Or style a cute oversized shirt over a pair of denim shorts and dress it up with heels. Caution: We're turning up the volume on this edit of women's oversized t-shirts.

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