Prayer For Typhoon


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Prayer For Typhoon

How do you pray for protection from a typhoon?

Prayer for Protection from the Typhoon – The Seekers' Portal Prayer for Protection from the Typhoon “Lord God, I pray that You keep safe and warm our families and loved ones. I ask that You send your angels, people, and timely practical help to those who may be affected by the typhoon.

What are some prayers for safety during storms?

When there is a storm headed your way, you may not always be prepared. These 9 strong prayers for safety during storms will leave your safety in the hands of the Lord. Our Shelter in Storm Prayer Oh God, our Rock, You are our shelter when storms come our way.

How do you pray for a natural disaster?

If you're at a loss for words while staring at so much destruction from a hurricane, volcano, flooding, earthquake or other natural disasters, here is a prayer you can voice to God for protection and safety: There is nothing natural about a disaster, because You supernaturally control the world and everything in it.

How do you pray to the father in the Philippines?

Father, You uphold all who fall and lift up all who are bowed down: open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing in the Philippines. May Your glory come forth to transform the desolation. May every man, woman, and child be embraced in Your love and comfort.

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