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Qqe Teachers

Who is teacher Rudy and Welcome to QQ English?

I'm teacher Rudy and Welcome to QQ ENGLISH. As a teacher, making others to be more mot... Hello everyone! I'm teacher Jae. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Eng... If you are determine to learn no one can stop you. Hi, hello!

Why choose qqenglish it Park campus?

In 2020, QQEnglish IT Park Campus branched out to occupy the 2, 500 square meters 7th floor of Skyrise 4B situated just beside the old campus. Because it is within Cebu City’s busiest IT hub, you can feel the lively atmosphere of the city and use English 24-hours a day.

Why qqenglish?

Why QQEnglish? Some people cannot speak English. We need to practice speaking English to overcome this problem. Let’s improve your English brain through speaking, not just self-study. QQEnglish ESL school teachers have been chosen from many candidates, not only based on English skills, but also based on their teaching strategy and characteristics.

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