Report: 57% of consumers are fed up with questions about password authentication

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A new consumer survey from Pindrop revealed striking frustrations among consumers with traditional passwords and authentication systems. Research shows that 57% of consumers are annoyed by knowledge-based authentication.

In fact, consumers are so frustrated with traditional passwords and knowledge-based authentication questions (CBA) that many would rather shovel snow, sit in traffic, or experience a flight delay than reset their passwords or answer these questions to access personal information. These traditional authentication measures have long been proven to be susceptible to attack, leaving a void in how people can uniquely, securely, and reliably access the things that mean the most to them.

Other voice technology applications that consumers are interested in include unlocking their car (70%), accessing an ATM (54%) and checking age-sensitive content on television and streaming services (71%). In addition, nearly half of all consumers surveyed indicated that they use speech technology on a daily basis and 70% of those surveyed use speech technology on a weekly basis. The survey also confirms that password fatigue is very real, as 60% of respondents said they would be “excited” if they never had to remember their passwords again.

To better understand public sentiment around passwords and authentication, Pindrop, a global leader in speech technology, surveyed more than 2,000 American consumers and asked a series of questions to understand the public’s need for speech authentication technology, dream voice applications for the future, and their frustrations and perceived inefficiencies with current authentication methods.

Read Pindrop’s full report.

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