Responsive Website Design in 2020 

Many different website trends come and go. And some are the fads, which are normally best avoided. Whereas those that show any signs of staying power are worth spending your energy and time on. Nowhere is it highly apparent than in an area of the responsive design trends like covered in the article. The majority of the users view websites of their interest in mobile devices. It is created a big for web design Auckland designers. How will you go in ensuring that your website can look good on each browser and each device like in the examples? 

Responsive Design Techniques Can Help You to Get Things Right

Making sure your website can display in a way you will want this to on any browser and device generally involves adhering to various design needs or specifications that will address the responsive design. It will entail a high deal of work for anybody building the website right from the scratch. You should, for instance, create a responsive design, which can–

  • Eliminate Excess Content
  • Improve Learner Desktop Experiences
  • Improve Readability
  • Leverage Accessible Space
  • Collect More Leads
  • Put Spotlight on the Visual Content


The premier WordPress theme will make adhering to the responsive requirements. It can also make adhering to some technical requirements, piece of cake. Like noted earlier, most of the website traffic takes place on mobile devices. It is worth to note that search engines, particularly Google, reward the mobile-friendly and responsive websites. They’re making the best quality of responsive web design, and without even ignoring the desktop users, very important step by website design Auckland.


Responsive designs that can encourage the learner desktop experiences

The side benefit for meeting the challenge of accommodating the smaller Internet-enabled mobile devices is that in doing. Thus, we can create leaner and more efficient, as well as attractive desktop site experiences.



Bold Colors and Simplicity

Since more brands will seek to stand among the sea of competitors on the internet, and more website owners can continue adopting the bold & bright colors.

Think about supersaturation.

Not just are deep and brilliant colors immersive, however, they are attention-grabbers that are something most of the brands online will use. Not just that. Going against the grain, where most of the web designs have defaulted towards the safe shades or shadows, demonstrates the brand’s forward-thinking, eccentric personality and daring. This helps that many device screens will be adopting IPS or In-Plane Switching technology that can make the bold colors stand out very well for the world to enjoy. 


Integrated GIFs, Animations, or Dynamic Illustrations 

Video went big in the year 2017. However, slow web page load times are making this the tough-sell, seeing the slow pages can make you lose the readers (or potential customers). Still, motion graphics are popular with the readers over the board. Thus, what is taking the video’s place?


There are many ways that animation bug can bite:

  • The transition between the pages & parallax scrolling (which have got roots in 2017)
  • With the mouseover effects
  • Mobile animation


The motion graphics generally tend to take very less time in loading when compared to the outright motion pictures like good-quality of video (despite having various possible use cases). Not just do the motion graphics will add spunk & persona to the overall brand, if well-executed, but integrated animations, custom illustrations, and GIFs will help to illustrate what you actually stand for & tell your story—at cool, confident and clear manner as well.