Rewrite The Stars Lyrics


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Rewrite The Stars Lyrics

Who is the original singer of rewrite the stars?

About “Rewrite the Stars”. This song was remade by Anne-Marie and James Arthur. Originally sung by Zac Efron and Zendaya in “The Greatest Showman” released in 2017, they made it more famous by these singers.

What is a good line from rewrite the stars?

Rewrite the Stars Lyrics. [Verse 1: Phillip Carlyle] You know I want you. It's not a secret I try to hide. I know you want me. So don't keep saying our hands are tied. You claim it's not in the cards. And fate is pulling you miles away. And out of reach from me.

What is the song Rewrite the Stars about?

Rewrite the Stars Lyrics. It is the eighth song overall on the soundtrack. The song is an aerial duet between two of the characters: Philip Carlyle, a rich, white man, and Anne Wheeler, a poor, African-American girl. The two are in love, but destiny seems to keep pulling them away from each other.

What is the meaning of rewrite the Stars by Prince?

Rewrite the Stars Lyrics. Lyrically the song takes on the subject of controlling their own fate and not letting the “stars” (other people) tell them otherwise. While Philip takes on a more optimistic tone, noting that they could “rewrite the stars” and change their destiny, Anne takes on a more realistic approach,...

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