Role of Assessment centres in the recruiting process

Recruiting is a process to select the right candidate for the right job and at the right place. Many companies examine the pool of candidates to select the best out of them. It is a lengthy process where the recruiter may have to decide the candidates based on skills and knowledge. Once the recruiting done, still, the candidate has to move through various rounds to ensure his sincerity towards the company. So, the assessment centre examine the group interview to know about the capabilities of the candidates. The various tools are implemented on the group of candidates to select the best. Tools used in the selection process involve- role-play, case studies, in-depth interviews, etc. These tools give an insight to the recruiter about the capabilities of the candidate. It is the best way to judge the person inside and out that how well they can capture and perform the job with confidence.

The various methods or tool used in the recruiting process are-

  1. Biographical interview-

It is a Curriculum Vitae, based interview. The assessors examine the candidate by asking questions about past roles and responsibilities, their aim in life, etc. It will give an insight to the assessor about the commitment of the candidate towards the job. Thus, the biographical interview is the most common method of selection.

This type of interview is taken by the companies to get familiar with the candidate’s past work.

  1. In basket exercise-

The in-basket method is used in various organizations to test the speed, accuracy, planning, decision-making, etc. like the behavior of the candidate. The simple purpose of this method is to judge the knowledge and skills of the candidate to know how well they can perform.

For example- If a company wants to hire a copywriter, then the candidate should know about the basics of copywriting that involve- grammar, plagiarism checker, etc.

  1. Role-play-

The role-play method has a significant role in the recruitment process. It can be conducted individually or in a group. A certain role play is given to an individual related to a salesman, or as a consumer, you have to do discussions.

For example- The assessor can give the role-play to sell a comb to a bald person. Such kind of topics will judge the compatibility of a person. Also, it tells whether the candidate is a good speaker or not, or whether he can persuade the customer to buy a comb. Convincing skills are checked by the assessor.

  1. In-depth interview or Group discussion-

The other method is the group discussion that takes place in a group of individuals. The group of individuals gathers together to discuss the job-related problem. The candidates are being observed to see how they interact with the group members and communication between them. The confidence level of the candidate can also see through group discussion.

The extroverts take advantage of group discussions while the introverts left behind.

  1. Projective technique-

Projective techniques merely concerned with project issues, and their concerns. This technique gives an equal chance to all the candidates to put their feelings and opinions without hesitating. The important projective techniques are- word association test, completion test, etc.

  1. Case study-

A case study is the other technique to examine the performance of the candidates. The assessors are interested in knowing your thoughts and opinions. This exercise is performed by an individual within a group. The candidate is provided with a random case study and the candidate has to conclude over that case. It will help to know their mental stamina to think out of the box. A summary is enough to check your knowledge and to select for the job.

  1. Presentations-

The candidate can prepare the presentation on the day of assessment to show their skills and knowledge. It is the best way to showcase your knowledge. Also, the assessor might get interested in listening to your communication and holdover language.

  1. Business Games-

Business games are the other method in assessment centre. Nowadays, students are being taught about simulation games in schools and colleges to make their own decision. Business games are meant to check the mental ability of a person to choose between right and wrong. It works great for the company to decide whether the candidate is capable of doing a job or not.

  1. Psychometric test-

The psychometric test gives an insight into the candidate on how he thinks rather than what he thinks. The assessor is more interested in knowing how far the candidate can think on a topic, or even in the business. It gives a clue to the assessor whether they are capable of the job post or not.

Psychometric means mental health. One should prepare well for all the assessment methods to crack the job interview.

  1. Verbal and quantitative test-

This test can be conducted on both the modes i.e. online and offline. The quantitative or numerical reasoning is like an aptitude test containing situational judgment, or mathematic question. These questions are a bit difficult to solve within a time hour. The reason for testing the quantitative question is to analyze the mental stamina of a candidate. Along with this, verbal communication over the telephone is also taken to judge how well a person can convince the other person.

These were the important ten methods used in the recruitment process.

The final thoughts-

Recruiting is as important as a selection. One cannot skip this process. Recruitment is an important face to judge the candidate in and out. The various methods help an assessor to finalize their thoughts on the candidates. It is good to apply various methods on a group of the interviewer as each method plays a significant role. Thus, one should prepare themselves mentally and physically to crack the job without hesitation.

If a person is fully prepared and confident then no one can beat him\her to achieve their desired goals. After all, knowledge is the key to success.