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Sayote In English

What is the proper name for sayote?

According to an article from BaguioGuide, the acceptable name for Sayote is generally “Chayote”. (Scientific name is Sechium edule) In English, it could be translated as “ christophine “, “ Cho-cho “, “ mirilton “,” pear squash “, or “ vegetable pear “.

What are the benefits of eating sayote?

Benefits Of Sayote 1 Characteristics and Culinary Uses. A staple of the Aztec diet long before the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico, the light green sayote continues to be a popular dietary choice ... 2 Low-Calorie Potato Alternative. ... 3 Potent Antimicrobial Properties. ... 4 Rich in Amino Acids. ...

Is the sayote the Ultimate Diet potato?

First introduced to sayote during a 1970s trip to the highlands of Guatemala, Israeli agronomist Benny Gamliel became intrigued with the notion of promoting this member of the squash family as “the ultimate diet potato,” according to “Time” magazine.

What is chayote?

Chayote ( Sechium edule ), also known as mirliton (British English), choko, tayota, chocho (Jamaica), and chuchu (Brazil), is an edible plant belonging to the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. Chayote was one of the several foods introduced to the Old World during the Columbian Exchange.

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