Scp 1471 – Secure Contain Protection

Scp 1471

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SCP Meaning

SCP is consider as Secure Contain Protect. Please read to get all information about SCP 1471 and other related important things.


SCP1471 is an application for mobile and tablet devices called “MalO ver1.0.0” in online mobile application stores. Scp-1471 malo scp is free a 9.8MB mobile application which is not listed by developer but they managed to access it directly through distribution. 

scp 1741 Mal0 ver1.0.0 (also known as “scp malo”)

Every single phone having scp 1741 Mal0 ver1.0.0 (also known as “scp malo” or “mal0 scp”)  brought are to be reallocated and investigated for any potential prompts other perhaps influenced gadgets. A short time later, influenced phones are to have their batteries evacuated, be allocated an assignment and be put in Storage in Unit-91 at Research Site-45.

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