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Sky Lottery Result Please

How do I find the latest Sky Lotto results?

The Sky Lotto results are published on each day for the daily draw and on a Friday for the weekly draw. Simply head to the Sky Lotto website from 8pm onwards to view the latest Sky Lotto results.

What is Sky Lotto and is it free?

Sky Lotto is host to two free lottery games where players can win up to either £25,000 or £250,000. Despite the name, Sky Lotto is not an actual lottery. It’s a free-to-play prize draw which works in a similar way to a lottery draw.

What time does Sky Lotto close each day?

Entries close at 7.45pm each day with the results being available on the Sky Lotto website at 8pm. The jackpot prize for matching all six numbers in this game is £25,000. The second of the free lotto games is the Sky Lotto weekly draw.

How do I bet on Lotto on Sky Bet?

Lotto options on Sky Bet can be found by clicking on ‘Lotto’ in the list of sports. From here, you can bet on a number of lotteries such as the Irish Lotto, Canadian Lotto, 49s Lotto, German Lotto, New York Lotto and others.

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