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Sliding Door

What are the different types of sliding doors in Singapore?

In term of the sliding door panel design we have 5 different types. Aluminum sliding door with acrylic panel is the cheapest type of sliding door in Singapore. Aluminium sliding door with acrylic panel is suitable for house with young children as it will not break easily.

Why choose our sliding doors?

Our sliding doors are designed to improve the aesthetic of an area while ensuring safety and convenience. They are great for patio, shower rooms and even main entrances. Our offer comes with installation to guarantee functionality.

Where are our sliding doors made?

We manufacture our sliding door at our own factory in Singapore located at 51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace. Out of the 4 types of Sliding Door, aluminum sliding door with acrylic panel is the cheapest and most popular in Singapore.

What is a sliding door fixture?

A Sliding Door is a two or more-panel fixture that provides enclosure and access to the outside or between rooms. Also known as Patio Doors, think of them as a full-size taller sliding window set that covers from ceiling to floor rather than just the top half.

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