Slingo Games: A Review of this Niche

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The online casino world is growing far and wide, with countless treasures for the players to discover. Opportunities for lucrative fun are unlimited. Among the many attractions online casinos have to offer, Slingo games are considered the peculiar favourites of players worldwide – also check out White Wizard.

These games are as unique as their name and have managed to build a strong fan following in a short time. Below is a brief review of this casino game niche discussing the history, gameplay and features of this set of games.

History of Slingo

As the name insinuates, these games are a combination of bingo and slots. They were launched by Dave Lyons and Sal Falciglia in New Jersey in 1994. Later in 2013, this niche was acquired by RealNetworks, who further sold it to Gaming Realms. Currently, there are 12 variations available for this particular game, and all are equally enjoyed across the globe. This niche includes single and multiplayer options as well.

Developers have also offered Slingo variants for PC and other portable devices. For greater exclusivity, some casinos now house Slingo-themed slot machines and also allow the players to try their luck with the scratch-off lottery tickets under the same title.

Gameplay of Slingo

Assuming that our players are well-conversant with the gameplay of both the classic slots and bingo, we will highlight here the gameplay features that make Slingo unique:

  •         Firstly, the ‘slot’ part of the game works, giving the players 20 spins to obtain five numbers for the corresponding bingo card. Then, the ‘bingo’ side of the game requires matching the obtained numbers with the ones on the card and marking them off.
  •         There are some special items at play in these games, e.g., Joker, Super Joker, etc. which serve as wild symbols.
  •         The undesirable symbols, like Devils, might often show up instead of the usual numbers. If you obtain Devil after a spin, your score is halved instantly.
  •         If you are lucky, you will get a Cherub that will nullify the Devil’s effect with the shot of an arrow.
  •         Coin and Free Spins are the added perks of these games. Coins grant instant points and can be used to buy spins at the end of the game. However, if you have accumulated enough free spins during your game, you can buy more spins with that, too.
  •         All spins are time-limited. All the mark-offs will be considered lost if not done within this time.
  •         The player achieving the most points utilising these features is declared the winner by the end of each session.

Final Remarks

Slingo can be played like any normal slot or bingo variant in its essence at bestosrsguides. But in reality, Slingo games are way ahead in their game. You can only feel the difference once you get deep into the gameplay. But despite all the unique features introduced in this niche, the conventional feel of slots and bingo is kept alive. The popularity of Slingo is still on the rise, but it won’t be wrong to say that this niche is already among the hot favourites in online casinos everywhere.