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Smiley Tokyo Revengers

Who is Smiley in Tokyo Manji gang?

Kawata Nahoya?) or Smiley (スマイリー, Sumairī?) is the Fourth Division Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang. He is the older twin brother of Souta Kawata.

How strong is angry from Tokyo Revengers manga?

From the question "Who's strong in arm wrestling?", Angry is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Worst. From the question "Who's the fastest runner?", Angry is ranked number 2 from the Top 3 Worst. ↑ Tokyo Revengers Manga: Chapter 126 (p. 18).

Is Smiley Kawata older than Souya Kawata?

He is the older twin brother of Souya Kawata . Smiley is of short stature and small build with fair skin and a light tan. He has voluminous curly peach-colored hair, a wide grin that masks his eyes, and silver double piercings on his left ear.

Who is angry in Tokyo Manji?

Smiley states that Angry is too nice to beat anyone up. Angry was granted the position as Fourth Division Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, implying that he has the capacity to lead a powerful gang division. Prior to joining Toman, he established the Twin Devils Gang with Smiley, another one among his couple remarkable feats as a gang leader.

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