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Talk Result

What is the meaning of the word result?

The word result often refers to what happens (or what has happened) because of something else. A close synonym for result is outcome. Like result, outcome often implies that something has ended and reached its conclusion, such as a game or a research project. Another term for this is end result. A somewhat less common synonym is upshot.

How do I write the results section of my report?

The Results section is a brief summary of your main results. Try and be as clear as possible in explaining your results - include only the most salient details. Less salient details will emerge as people ask questions.

What are the secrets of a good talk?

A poorly prepared talk makes a statement that the speaker does not care about the audience and perhaps does not care much about his subject. So what are the secrets of a good talk? Here is my list of do's and don'ts. 1) Prepare your material carefully and logically. Tell a story. The story should have four parts:

What do the survey results indicate about the 2016 campaign?

The survey results indicate some shifting since the 2016 campaign. Those interim results appear online September 11 in the International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology. Where these overtones are interfered with by any imperfection in the instrument the result is a harsh or imperfect sound.

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