Tambola Matka Result


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Tambola Matka Result

How do you play the tambola Matka?

It's time to bring back the tambola matka/ housie game to our party nights and fun evenings! That's exactly what we do, for you! Pick your tickets, and strike out the numbers called out by the number dealer. The player who strikes down all the numbers in a row or column first wins one round of the tambola.

How to get Satta Matka results quickly?

Nowadays, a huge number of Satta Matka websites have introduced that release the results of Satta Matka very quickly. One of the best-known websites that extract the results is sattamatka.org. Use Satta Matka online website to draw instant results and also get great tips to prevent the loss.

What is tambola?

Tambola- a classic game of tickets and numbers we all love to play. The Housie Tambola game is probably that one game we never figured out as kids. We'd always sit by the elders, curiously trying to understand the game. Or during parties, to be that person who distributed the tambola tickets and called out the house numbers.

How many numbers are in a tambola ticket?

As a rule, each player must buy at least one ticket to enter a game. A typical 90 ball Tambola ticket consists of 3 rows and 9 columns which make 27 spaces. Each row has a total of 5 numbers printed on it. A column can have 1, 2 or the maximum 3 numbers printed on it.

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