Tapas Sadhana Result 2021 Karnataka


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Tapas Sadhana Result 2021 Karnataka

What is ‘Tapas’ and ‘Sadhana’?

‘Tapas’ is a project that shall empower male students from modest backgrounds, and ‘Sadhana’ shall serve the same purpose for female students. ‘Tapas’ was initiated in 2012. Students hailing from families whose annual income does not exceed 1.5 lakhs, and currently studying in class 10 are eligible applicants for this project.

What is rastrotthana saadhana?

In order to tackle this issue and construct a platform through which such female students can pursue their dreams, Rastrotthana Parishat initiated ‘Saadhana’. at 40 different centres across the state. various screening processes. materials and training for a span of two years. This is facilitated at the well Rastrotthana Campus, Banashankari.

Why rastrotthana Parishat?

With an ambition to tackle this issue and enable students from modest backgrounds to avail free education, and enable them for competitive exams that can land them in prestigious institutions of the country, Rastrotthana Parishat has designed two projects.

What is saadhana?

The aim of SAADHANA is to bring the underprivileged GIRL student to the mainstream and to mould them to become the key contributors in building strong nation. The talented Girl children of the economically backward areas and who resides in remote villages are deprived of higher education for various reasons.

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