The most popular coloring pages for girls in 2023

What coloring pages for girls will be the most popular in 2023? We will try to answer this question in this article. In the world of children, trends change very quickly. Every year, new animated films and series on Netflix or Disney+ streaming platforms are gaining popularity. All this has a direct impact on which coloring pages are the most popular among children.

Barbie doll seems to be forever young! Her world is becoming more and more extensive every year. Barbie appears in games, children’s magazines, and cartoons. It is going to be similar in 2023, when we will have several major premieres in the world of toys and electronic forms of entertainment. Moreover, Barbie coloring pages are a great choice for girls of all ages.

Another extremely popular toy are My Little Pony ponies. Every year, new pony models appear on store shelves. More and more inventive and eye-catching. My Little Pony coloring pages are full of energy and positive emotions. They can be colored in many different ways, because the whole world of My Little Pony is extremely colorful.

Undoubtedly, most girls also love dogs, cats and horses. Animal coloring pages are cute, adorable and very varied. You might be surprised how many variations of kitten coloring pages are available on the Internet! And many of them you can print absolutely free!

Pusheen coloring pages can be a very interesting choice. Why? There are several strong arguments behind this choice. Pusheen is another internet phenomenon whose popularity is spreading virally. The image of Pusheen appears on pillows, mugs, pens, stickers and, above all, on many websites. Some even say it’s the cartoon king of social media and memes. Pusheen coloring sheets are equally popular. The big advantage of Pusheen coloring pages is that they are rather simple. They are perfect for a quick coloring session.

In 2023, Peppa and Dora coloring pages will certainly also work well. These two animated series are still very popular and have their own unique character, thanks to which they stand out well in the wide market. Peppa Pig coloring pages are a great choice for the youngest girls and boys. The illustrations are not very complicated and the elements to be colored are relatively large.

Dora coloring pages can also be a good choice for slightly older girls who are curiously watching the adventures of this little traveler. Next to Dora, you will also find her friends in the pictures, including Diego and Booty.

The year 2023 will probably bring us a lot of surprises, also in the world of children’s entertainment. Above we have presented some of our predictions. Will these predictions come true? We will find out pretty soon.