The Result Of Ring And Ball Softening Point


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The Result Of Ring And Ball Softening Point

What is softening point ring and ball test?

Softening Point Ring and Ball is the second oldest test method applied to bitumen, after needle penetration. It is the temperature at which a bitumen sample in a ring has had a deformation of 25 ± 0,4 mm by a ball while heated. Definition and Terminology.

How to check the softening point of bitumen?

This test is carried out by using the Ring and Ball apparatus. The softening point helps to determine the temperature up to which bitumen can be heated for different road use applications. It is also known as the Ring and ball Test. This is because ring and ball apparatus is major equipment used for determining the softening point of bitumen.

What is ring and ball test?

Ring and ball test is used to determine the softening point of bitumen, asphalt and coal tar. This test consists of two brass ring and two steel ball, using which the softening point of various bituminous materials are determined.

How to determine softening point of softener?

Softening point is determined by ring and ball apparatus. 1. The ring and ball apparatus consisting of: Steel balls-two numbers each of 9.5 mm diameter weighing 3.5 ± 0.05 g. Brass rings-two numbers each having depth of 6.4 mm. The inside diameter at bottom and top is 15.9mm and 17.5 mm respectively.

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