Things to consider before buying a cold press juicer 

A cold press juicer is also famously known as speed slow speed juicers as they complete the entire squeezing process at a rate of approximately 50 rpm. Besides the slow pace, these juicers are very active in extracting the yield, leading to a creation of more nutritious juice than the regular juicers. The oxidation of fruits with the heat is absent because of no blade structure of them. It keeps the natural taste of the fruits and vegetables alive and does not make them bitter. The presence of foam also indicates unhealthy oxidation that is not in the case of cold press juicers. 

A customer should take care of these points before buying a cold press juicer: 

  1. Purpose: Firstly, the consumer is required to know the usage of a cold press juicer that he is willing to buy. Several varieties of juicers are accessible in the market, making it a tough choice to get every quality in a single juicer. Therefore, the user should keep in mind the types of fruits and vegetables he consumes and makes a purchase accordingly. 
  2. Time: unlike centrifugal juicers, the cold press juicers are pretty slow in yielding the output because they have no blades. However, it makes the process more amazing and produces healthy drinks as the ingredient’s pressure is much forced. 
  3. Price: It is the main component in the purchasing of any product. It is suggested to maintain the budget rigid because these juicers come with different qualities, and it all depends on price. The user is needed to decide the type and purpose of juicer and stick to it until the final purchase. Buying a cold press juicer is an investment and not an expense. If you do a smart buy, it will continue to give its benefits for a very long time. 
  4. Warranty: Take care of the terms and conditions of the considered cold press juicer because the best cold press juicer comes with a proper warranty period. A good buy is said to be the one that does not pressurize the buyer in spending irrelevant money on the maintenance and repairing of the purchased product. 
  5. Vegetable presser: A cold press juicer is not manufactured solely to yield juice from fruits. A bundle of leafy green vegetables can also be extracted to make a healthy drink with the help of a multi-user cold press juicer, retaining the essential enzymes and vitamins in the yield by blending it rightly. 

The final suggestion: The right choice is necessary to make in case of purchasing a cold press juicer because these are a bit expensive than the regular juicers, and of course, you do not want to reinvest in them for a long time. They have a shelf life of a minimum of 5 years and can be more, depending upon the usage and care provided. Unlike regular juicers, washing these juicers is also quite easy due to the absence of a number of blades inside their structure. 

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