This October BBQs 2u is Giving Out Gifts to Their Customers

It is predicted by 2024 the market for outdoor cooking, grilling, and baking product will reach $11.5 billion. Though commercial and residential wood fire pizza ovens are still a small part of the outdoor cooking industry, they’re predicted to capture major market share, now that many customers are opting to cook at home. BBQs 2u, the leading barbecue retailer has seen a surge in the demand for grillers and pizza ovens within these last two years. 

Last year BBQs 2u posted ads on their social media page of stocking their warehouse with Kamado Big Joe inventory. BBQs 2u started with Kamado Joe initially, but looking at the passion among UK citizens, they increased their categories by including Kamado Joe models, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Ooni Pizza ovens. Ultimately, their goal is to provide UK residents affordable grills and ovens with the best quality. 

Till now they have accomplished what they promised. BBQs 2u team ensures that they check the product before launching them in the UK market. Before introducing the US manufactured Masterbuilt series in the UK market they did their research to find if it is compatible with the UK weather and environment. 

With the strong following that BBQs 2u has created over time, they sell a lot of ovens and grillers. They also come up with events and gifts that are enough to keep their customers loyal. 

Recently, they launched a free Ooni Koda 16 cover with Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven. The offer is valid till the stock lasts. All their Ooni Koda 16 receives 1-year warranty from the company and another 2-year extended warranty after registering on the Ooni website. The Ooni Koda 16 and Koda 12 are two different models that are segregated based on their size and features. 

  • The Koda 16 pizza oven has extra-large cooking space to fit in 16” pizza, meats, bread, vegetables, etc. pizza can be cooked with wood or charcoal. 
  • The Koda 12 is a wood-fired pizza pellet that cooks pizza in just 60 seconds.

You can also find a wide range of Kamado Joe UK suitable for your Kamadospace Table –

  • Kamado Joe Classic I, II, III – Each is of perfect sizes suitable for backyard grilling with new features and an advanced Kamado grill.
  • Kamado Big Joe II and III are bigger than the Classic series. With thick walls and heat-resistant ceramic, the huge ball keeps the flavour and smoke sealed to keep the meat moist.

BBQs 2u is known for giving out freebies and gifts. Another offer valid till 31st October 2021 is the free cover with all Kamadospace Tables. 

BBQs 2u is passionate about barbecue so they share their love for grills and ovens with others. They keep launching events and contests that keep their customers loyal forever. A few days back they launched a contest on Instagram with Smoke Sears and The Village Butcher. The winner would get a Kamado Joe Kettle Joe worth £725 and a £150 meat hamper from The Village Butchers. They announced the winner on their Facebook page. You can also follow them on their Instagram account to avail those gifts and win contests.