Tips for Making Your RV Feel More Like Your Home

Some RV owners only use their motor homes or trailers a couple of times per year. Others spend several months at a time traveling and camping. Then there are the full timers. Regardless of the amount of time spent in an RV, a trailer or motorhome doesn’t have to feel like an RV. A few simple things can make it feel more like a stick-and-brick home.

Do you own an RV? If so, consider the simple tips described below. You would be surprised what you can do for very little money. Also note that all but the first tip relates to decorating. The first tip is included here because it is still important.

1. Invest in Skirting

Assuming you aren’t just weekend warrior, consider investing in an RV skirting product. RV skirting is intended to protect the underside of your travel trailer or motorhome from cold air. Practically speaking, this greatly minimizes the risk of the pipes freezing and bursting. In terms of how it can make your RV feel more like home, it’s a comfort thing.

AirSkirts, a Connecticut company that makes an inflatable skirting product, says skirting keeps an RV’s floors warmer. It makes it easier to heat an RV to a comfortable level – and retain that heat. On those especially cold nights, RV skirting can make you feel as warm and cozy as you do in your full-time home.

2. Try Some Peel-and-Stick

The rise of digital printing has led to a concurrent rise in the peel-and-stick industry. There are lots of great peel-and-stick products that can completely transform a fifth wheel, trailer, or motorhome. A good example is peel-and-stick subway tile. For less than $50, you can easily install a product that gives you the look of a subway tile back splash in the kitchen and bathroom.

Peel-and-stick countertops can really improve the cheap factory laminates that came with your RV. A good countertop should give you up to five years of reliable service; more if you use your RV less frequently. And don’t worry, you can easily remove peel-and-stick countertops with a blow dryer and some patience.

3. Yes, You Can Paint

The RV industry is obsessed with wood laminate and veneers. It’s not clear why, but the obsession continues year after year. Guess what? You don’t have to settle for that look. If you would like your RV to look more like your home, you can always paint some or all of the wood.

Lighter, neutral colors are all the rage these days. Homeowners seem to love various shades of white, gray, and lighter earth tones. All would look fantastic in an RV. Painting not only covers up the cheap looking laminate and veneer, but it also makes interior spaces look a lot bigger.

4. Upgrade the Window Treatments

Along with cheap looking wood veneer and laminate, cheap looking window treatments are the order of the day for most RVs. Again, you do not have to live with them. You can swap out window treatments with alternatives you either purchase or make yourself. And remember, they can be whatever you want them to be. Your new window treatments can be identical to the ones in your full-time home.

RV interiors do not tend to look anything like stick-hand-brick homes. They are completely different. But owners don’t have to settle for that. With some time, effort, and a little creativity, it’s possible to transform the inside of an RV to make it look and feel just like home. You do not even have to spend a lot of money to do it.