Tips to protect your mental health amidst the tough times of Corona Virus

Mental Health Corona Virus

Mental Health Corona Virus

In the past few months, coronavirus has truly plunged the entire world into a state of uncertainty. Further, the routine news related to the pandemic aggravates the situation. Unfortunately, all of this has taken a toll on the mental health of a lot of people. It has adversely affected those who have always dealt with conditions like OCD and anxiety. So, what can we do to protect our mental health? Undeniably, it is a tough time for all of us, and being concerned is inevitable. However, this can make the situation grave for a lot of us. Thus, we have come up with a few things that you can do to protect your mental health.

Limit the news and filter what you read

Mia, who works online with a website that writes essays for you, says that to decrease the panic associated with coronavirus, it is important to limit the news related to it. When you are anxious, your thoughts can spiral off control and push you into thinking of catastrophic outcomes. To avoid overthinking, you need to curtail the news that reaches you. You can even look for helplines that help people deal with anxiety better. Further, you should not spend too much time watching or reaching things that aren’t making you feel very good about yourself. Set a fixed time of the day, that you’ll be spending watching the news while other times you should keep yourself occupied doing other important things. 

Take a break from social media and turn off things that trigger you

People who suffer from health anxiety always feel compelled to research a subject and be up-to-date. However, in this jest of acquiring information from social media, you cannot overlook the fact that social media can be a trigger. There’s a lot of unverified news on social media that can make you feel hopeless about things. Thus, it is important to check the authenticity of the accounts you follow and the news you avail of it. Moreover, instead of spending too much time on social media platforms, you should shift your attention towards reading books or watching TV. You can even mute keywords on Twitter to ensure that you do not get unnecessary information daily. Further, the additional pool of information on WhatsApp and Facebook should also be limited.

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Avoid burnout

Nobody knows how long the coronavirus pandemic is going to last. However, amidst this difficult time, all of you need to have some downtime. Seek access to nature and sunlight whenever you can. Eat well, stay hydrated, read positive books, watch motivational teachings, and exercise regularly.

Wash your hands, but don’t obsess over it

With the perennial focus of the people on coronavirus pandemic, there’s been an increase in the OCD action amongst people in self-quarantine. The situation is worse for people who have had issues with anxiety or OCD. For them to be regularly told to wash their hands can be a bit of trouble. Do not let this fear of contamination become obsessive behaviour. Regular hand washing can be a trigger for people with OCD or those recovering from the condition. Kiara, who offers online do my statistics homework services, says that the best way to deal with OCD is to keep you involved in other things. However, now, with the government’s regulation for people to stay at home, OCD victims have a lot of time to themselves. This could present them with a good amount of time to obsess over washing hands. So, in the wake of the situation, you need to make a conscious effort to stop and limit things when need be. 

Be around people

Now that we all are in self-isolation, it is important to reconnect and re-kindle with people who care the most about you. For this, you should have their phone numbers and email addresses handy. People who are self-isolating must try their best to strike a balance between having a routine and taking care of themselves. Do ensure that despite being alone, your days should have a certain variety. If you employ the time well, you can make this time the most productive period of your life. You can even make a to-do list and do all the things that you couldn’t do so far, but always wanted to do. 


So, these are the 5 important tips that everyone must take note of to keep a check on their mental health amidst these tough times of coronavirus.