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Tolak Angin

What are the benefits of Tolak Angin?

Benefits and Features. Tolak Angin is a herbal supplement that relieves multitudinous symptoms. Meant for both men and women. Enables to attain a healthy and peaceful life. Helps to get rid of headache. One of the useful relievers that offers quick relief from cold.

What is the history of Tolak Angin?

“Tolak Angin was first formulated in 1930 by Mrs. Rachmat Sulistyo and since then it has been trsuted by many generations to maintain a healthy immune system” says Irwan Hidayat – Director of Sido Muncul, the makers of Tolak Angin. It originally began as a family recipe. It started as a herbal concoction from its home industry in Yogyakarta.

How often should I take Tolak Angin?

It is advised to take Tolak Angin twice a day. Tolak Angin need to be taken daily till the chronic symptoms is at bay. People usually prefer natural and herbal supplements for several body issues. We recommended the best Tolak Angin herbal supplement that can be obtained from the below sites.

What is the production capacity of Tolak Angin?

Sido Muncul opened a new production facility for Tolak Angin at Ungaran, Semarang in 2018 with a production capacity of 200 million sachets per month, compared to 80 million in its prior facility. ^ Astutik, Yuni (21 January 2020).

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