Top 5 Shotgun Models by Beretta

Since the mid-17th century, Beretta has been a household name, thanks to its versatility in production and innovations in weaponry. Its genesis is in Italy, but has licensed firms in other countries to produce guns under its banner; the United Kingdom is one of them. Its arsenal includes various models of semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles, sub-machine guns, launchers and machine pistols. In all its production, the Beretta shotguns have the largest model range, are versatile in use and the most recognised. 

  1. Beretta 1200 FP – this model was designed as early 1984, but the real shotgun was finalised and put on sale in the early 1990s. Its barrel is 50.8 centimetre and its magazine only held 6 shots. Its primary use was enforcing law and war among the disciplined forces, and self-defense for private citizens.
  2. Beretta 1201 FP – this model was an improvement of the Beretta 1200. Its modification was to accommodate hunting and gaming (Beretta 1201F) and law enforcement (Beretta 1201FP). Its creation was done concurrently with its predecessor, although the technology used was a step-up. The production might have been ceased but the design and technology have been picked up to form the Benelli Super 90.
  3. Beretta 682 – it is a popular model used by skeet shooters. Its primarily designed for gaming and other sporty competitions. The barrel length is between 26 and 34 inches. Some of its variants include the Gold edition, Sporting, S, Gold E and Skeet. The gun is marketed in the United Kingdom by GMK Limited.
  4. A400 Xtreme Plus True Timber DRT – this is among the latest models of Beretta. It encompasses technology in its designing. It has a soft comb which reduces the recoiling effect after a shot, a steelium barrels for gun loading and a charging handle that adapts to any harsh weather while gaming. Its barrel length is 28 inches and 12 gauge.
  5. The SL3 – the design and feel of this shotgun oozes royalty. It is a combination of all the premium features amongst Beretta shotguns arsenal and is hand-made to attain individual uniqueness. It is mostly used for hunting as it possesses UKs best range of shooting essentials; incredible barrel locking system, faster triggering, easy to clean and an efficient boxlock system for high performance.


What to Look for When Buying a Beretta Shotgun


  • Authorised by the Parent Company – the outlet offering Beretta shotguns for sale should be authorised by Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta.
  • Experience in gun handling – the dealer should have a long-standing history in gun trading, training and vetting.
  • Licensed by the regulating authority – all gun traders are supposed to be licensed by the UK government to do the business.