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Utility Box

What is the purpose of a utility box?

An electrical utility box is typically a rectangular, open-faced box mounted in a wall. It serves to house an electrical device, such as an electrical receptacle or switch or a GFI (ground fault interrupter). Click to see full answer. Likewise, what does utility box mean?

What is an Agent 47 utility box?

A Utility Box is a circuit box responsible for holding fuses to ensure that the electric grid doesn't overload and fry. Agent 47 can break the fuses, which usually has some distracting effect on a nearby guard.

How do you hide a utility box in the yard?

1. Using Potted Plants To Hide Utility Boxes Plants are a simple and effective way to hide a utility box. Rather than plant them directly into the ground – where they stand a chance of being destroyed – you might be able to plant in pots or containers instead.

How do you lock up a utility box?

Lock the chain around a sunken or heavy anchor point that’s far away from the utility box, and bury most of it beneath the gravel or mulch. As long as you can quickly untangle or remove it if you need to move some pots it should help prevent theft while allowing mobility.

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