Utterance: Best Emojis To Use When Giving Voice To A Statement

Many people are having trouble vocalizing their statements. Because of this, there are many arguments and misunderstandings between the two parties. This often results in social media wars or the worst-case scenario, breaking up or having a divorce with someone you love. But not to worry! There are countless emojis you can use that can help.

Since humankind is already in the age of technology, emojis have already been a part of people’s lives. They help complete statements in expressing one’s genuine desires. But this can often lead to something devastating. So It is best that you know some emojis and how to use them well.

Person Shrugging Emoji

Sometimes you do not understand or know what your friend is talking about, and you don’t want to offend them by saying that. What better way to fix that other than sending an emoji, right? Here, the idk emoji or the emoji of a person shrugging is the best one that you can use.

This is an emoticon that has both its hands beside its head and has a confused face to best characterize a confused person. This has many versions depending on the platform, but it usually has five color variations so you can choose which color would best describe you.

Megaphone Emoji

This emoji resembles a megaphone which is usually used whenever a person has an announcement to say in a party or a small gathering like festivals or to represent cheers in sporting events. This emoticon can also be used whenever a person is loud and annoying in a particular situation.

The megaphone emoji is enough to represent loudness, but if you pair it with other emojis, it will have a very different meaning. For example, you are in a library, and your friend is too loud. You can send them a message using this emoji and the face with no mouth emoji, and this will tell them to quiet down. Or with raising hands to express excitement.

Person Gesturing OK Emoji

This person gesturing OK is an emoticon that gives life to a human gesture, which means OK or if you agree with what has just been said by the other party. This is not an emoji that most people would use since a different emoticon can easily replace it, such as the check emoji. But there are diverse ways to use this.

Since this is an emoji of a human forming the letter “O,” which is not helpful in real life, most people on the internet use this emoji as another way of expressing their joy and happiness rather than using it as an emoticon for “OK.” This is often used when that person feels proud, happy, or if they are dancing.

Man Tipping Hand Emoji

This is a picture of a man holding his hand flat and pointing up as if they are ready to provide something like an answer to the question or an opinion or an explanation to something that has just been brought up by the other party. This is an emoji that is mostly used by teachers.

This emoji can be used when someone brought up a topic, and you are uninterested or don’t care about that topic. The man tipping hand emoji can be a bit aggressive sometimes. So, it’s best to make sure that the one you’re speaking with is your close friend or if you know that they are not too sensitive about the topic.

Shushing Face Emoji

Another emoji that speaks by itself is the shushing face emoji since this is an emoji with a pointing finger covering its mouth as if it is telling you to be quiet. The most common usage of this emoticon is when a person is in a library and is too loud. You can send this emoticon to that person, and he/she will immediately know what you mean. 

Being a little loud and energetic is OK, but sometimes a person needs to control their noise. Not just in the library, but in a lot more places where you need to be quiet. If you are the receiving end of this emoji, most people often accommodate this with the prohibited emoticon, so noise is forbidden in that place.


Emojis have been a great help for humans in this modern world since most of the conversations are being made online. Because of that, there are many misunderstandings, which lead to a catastrophic ending.

There are countless more ways to show and express to someone how you feel. Still, when giving voice to a particular statement, it is best to back your sentence up with some of these emojis to make sure they get the message you are trying to convey, and both parties would understand each other.