View all open Windows on a Chromebook at once

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If you’re knee-deep in open apps and windows on your Chromebook, you might want some help finding what you need. Chrome OS has a similar function to “Task View” on Windows 10 and 11. Chrome OS calls it “Overview”. Let’s use it.

The Overview screen on Chromebooks is part of the Virtual Desktops feature. It’s just a way to literally zoom out and see all the apps and windows you have open. From there you can jump to one of the windows or switch to another virtual “desk” as well.

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There are actually three different methods to launch the “Summary” screen: hotkey, trackpad gesture, and touchscreen gesture. We’ll show you all three.

If your Chromebook has a keyboard, there’s a special key in the top row for “Overview.” Just tap the button with an icon that looks like a square, followed by two vertical lines. Tap again to exit Overview.

Tap the overview key on the

The second method uses the trackpad. Swipe up from the bottom of the trackpad with three fingers. Perform the gesture again to exit “Overview”.

Swipe up on the trackpad with three

The third and final method is for touchscreen Chromebooks. Swipe up from the line in the taskbar and hold for a second in the center of the screen. Lift your finger to see the “Overview” screen.

That is it! These three shortcuts will get you in and out of the “Overview” screen quickly. It’s a nice trick to take a step back and see what’s going on. Chromebooks have many shortcuts and gestures that you may not know.

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