Villa Filomena


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Villa Filomena

What makes Villa Filomena a unique mansion?

Beyond its gigantic walls, a typical mansion brandishes innovative architectural designs with striking costly materials throughout its premises. All of these and more you’d find in Villa Filomena, a conspicuous historic mansion with world-class amenities such as private bars, game rooms, sauna, and steam rooms.

How much is the cost of the Villa Filomena natural spring resort?

See and experience this instagrammable place in Indang Cavite, the Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort for only 500 pesos! Super budget friendly dito mga bes kaya kulayan na natin ng blue and green yang mga drawing nyo last year.

Where is the Villa Filomena in Milwaukee?

The Villa Filomena is an elegant, historic mansion that’s rooted in downtown Milwaukee’s East Side neighborhood. Exquisite parlors, an opulent ballroom, and a lush garden terrace make this Italianate style home a unique destination for weddings and private events.

Why choose Villa Felomina water?

The drinkable mineral springs coming from a natural spring; none of the water contains chemical treatment or filtration of the water. Villa Felomina’s visitors will enjoy pure, clean spring water, straight from the earth, maximizing the therapeutic effect and quality of experience. The water source is Gravity fed, Unfiltered and Untouched.

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