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What does Vodacom do?

This communications giant has a large range of physical stores around the country and also offer their products via their online store. Vodacom specialises in electronics, including mobile phones, laptops, routers, mobile accessories, as well as mobile data.

How do I find out the opening hours of Vodacom stores?

To view your favourite Vodacom store’s opening hours, simply browse www.vodacom.co.za. Here you can also see what is in stock, view your latest bills and take out insurance on some of your Vodacom products. If you’re looking for the latest Vodacom specials, simply browse the latest Vodacom catalogue, packed with amazing promotions.

What can I do with vodabucks?

Play daily to collect keys that unlock treasure chests, and use your VodaBucks to buy Mega Unlocks for bigger prizes! Best value for under 25s, guaranteed affordable data bundles.

Where can I buy Black Friday 2021 electronics from Vodacom?

It's time for Black Friday 2021! Get ready for the biggest shopping day in the world by browsing all the best deals on Electronics from Vodacom. All you have to do is to visit latestspecials.co.za and find the 08/11/2021 catalogue.

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