Walis Tingting


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Walis Tingting

What is the meaning of walis tingting?

Walis-tingting is a broom made from the thin midribs of palm leaves. The stiff ribs are tied up on one end. It is usually paired with a simply constructed dustpan, as you can see in the picture. The can used for the dustpan is usually a cutout of an aluminum can of cooking oil. Then, what is the English of Walis Tingting? broomstick (n.)

What is Walis and walis-tingting?

The word “walis” in English in translated as “sweeping”. Therfore, “ (pang) walis” is the object used to do the action “walis” or sweeping. Meanwhile, the Walis-Tingting is a broom made up of thin midribs of palm leaves.

What is the difference between “Tingting” and “walis-tambo”?

The tips of the broom are pointy and are effective at sweeping up leaves and dirt. Aside from this, the “Walis-Tambo” is also used. However, this broom is mostly used inside the house while the “tingting” is commonly used outside.

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