Ways to clean and reuse glass jars for everyday use

Glass jars are usually durable. However, most of the households don’t understand the significance of repurposing partly damaged glass jars. If used efficiently and creatively, these glass jars can beautify your house. Glass jars are mostly used as storage containers for food items. But, a lot of times, the same containers are used for decorating purposes too.

Also, with a little creativity and a sustainable attitude, you can reuse or repurpose your old glass jars. Use the same glass jars for storing food items. If you have been throwing away old glass jars, you are missing a huge opportunity.

The idea of reusing glass jars repulses some people, but fear not. We have listed numerous ways for cleaning and sanitizing glass jars so you can use them again. This article deals with numerous ways for you to reuse and repurpose old or partly damaged glass jars. You can use these methods to both store your food items or beautify your house. After all, glass jars are multi-purpose. Without any further ado, start scrolling through the article.

Ways to reuse glass jars

  1. Wash

If you are confused about how to reuse already used jars, you can simply prefer to wash them for reusing purposes. Sometimes, food items leave stains and a strong aroma that may spoil other food items. Keeping this in mind, some people tend to dispose of it off. But, you can choose to remove the odor or stains with natural processes.

Instead of cleaning the jars with utensil soaps, natural ingredients like lemon or salt do the job for you. Salt and lemon are strong ingredients in terms of removing stains and the aroma of food as well. You can use this method regularly or occasionally as per your requirements.

They surely will remove the stains and odor. Hence, you no longer have to throw away used jars and buy new ones all the time.

  1. Gift

Some people usually give homemade food items to their loved ones. If you are one of them, do you use ready-made or artificial boxes? No, right? You don’t even have to because glass jars make a wonderful choice for gifting purposes.

If you have unused or partly damaged glass jars, you can repurpose them and gift them. You can fill the glass jar with homemade jams, chutneys, or even lemon curd to give to someone else. Instead of gifting plain jars, you can wrap them in gift covers or shimmery fabrics. A red ribbon would add a cute look to your gift.

If you are artistic, you can add your tinge of art to the glass jar and customize it. If there are a lot of glass jars to be reused, you can personalize them accordingly and give them as return gifts.

  1. Paint

Most of the time, people tend to reuse or repurpose glass jars to beautify their homes. A few others also repurpose them outside their kitchens. But, the same glass jars can be beautified for storing food items in this way.

Reusing glass jars for food storage is pretty easy contrary to what you have imagined. If you are bored of the same translucent glass containers, you can make them colorful. Paint the jars with different colors or even neon colors, according to your taste, to add vibrant colors to your kitchen.

Besides repurposing the jars, it adds a lot of character to your kitchen without spending much. You don’t have to buy new jars in this way but feel like using new ones.

  1. Use them for different purposes

Sometimes, even if the containers are not broken or damaged, they become leaky. You don’t have to throw them in the dust bin. These jars usually leak liquid food items. But they work fine for solids or other food items.

In such cases, you can mark the jar with a color or a label and use it for different purposes. For example, you can fill spices, herbs, sugar, or coffee powder instead of storing juices or milk in it. This way, you don’t even have to repair it. Yet, it still serves your purpose.

  1. Breakfast jars

Most people use eating bowls to prepare and store breakfast that is meant to be soaked overnight. For example, breakfast foods like overnight soaked oats, sprouts, or even pasta are stored in eating bowls. But as a matter of fact, jars are the perfect containers to prepare and store breakfast.

You can soak your oats or other breakfast items layer by layer in glass jars. If you are running late to work and don’t have time for breakfast, you can carry these jars to work as well. This way you don’t have to skip your meal and reach the office on time.

  1. Store utensils

It is always a herculean task to reach that one spoon or utensil that is most needed while cooking. “But what does a glass jar do here?” you ask. You can store either large or small spoons and place them just on your kitchen cabinet.

This way, you no longer have to forage your entire kitchen while you burn your delicious meal. All the things that you need will be handy. You can also use it as a storage unit for chopsticks, spoons, and forks on your dining table.

  1. Store your after-meal spices

A few people have the habit of chewing spices right after the meal. Like Indians prefer Anise after their meal. It helps in digestive processes. So, why don’t you store Anise in these glass jars on your dining table? You can also place digestive tablets or chews on the dining table in glass jars.


These are just a few ways of reusing and repurposing glass jars. Although glass jars are durable, they tend to stain or break in the meantime. A few consumers tend to throw these kinds of glass jars, whereas a few others repurpose them. You can either use them for food storage purposes again or beautify your home in various ways. The choice is entirely yours.