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wcp 16

When is a WCP required?

A WCP is required for developments that meet the Transport Impact Assessment (TIA) criteria stipulated in Annex A.

What does WCP stand for?

Walking & Cycling Plan The Walking and Cycling Plan (WCP) is an in-depth study of pedestrian and cyclist circulations within and around the development to design a safe and convenient 2The term “cyclist” here refers to cyclists and PMD users. Transport Impact Assessment Guidelines for Developments

Do I need to submit a WCP with HDB?

11LTA and URA will work with HDB on the WCP requirements. 12Only industrial developments located within car-lite precincts or 400m of major transport nodes i.e. within Zone 2, will be required to submit a WCP. Transport Impact Assessment Guidelines for Developments

What should be included in a WCP plan for signs?

For all signs proposed during WCP stage, indicate on wayfinding plan all proposed signage location, type and information as per Annex D 2. Indicate any additional signage may be required to complete the holistic wayfinding environment 3.

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