What Are The Features You Enjoy From Pogo Pins

How do you make a connection between two circuit boards? Here is where you need the assistance of a pogo pin. Usually, the pin is in a slender cylindrical shape with two spring-loaded pins. If you press the pin between two printed circuits, the pin has sharp points at its every end to make established contacts with the circuits. 

The pin has a tube, plunge, and a spring. The pogo pin is so-called spring-loaded probes that made using precision instruments with mesmeric quality. You can find its uses in the precision connection, which is present inside most electronic products, including communication devices, mobile phones, aerospace devices, and medical devices.

Types of pogo pins:

Let’s take a leisurely look at the design and applications of different pogo pin types:

SMD/SMT type: Flat design, good stability, and easy board welding

DIP type – better positioning effect without migration phenomenon, and there will be a positioning pin in the plunger tail

Right angle type: – Bend tail gives more options to designs in the case of using space

Solder cup type: Easy to welding and wiring, suitable to the cable ends

Double-head type: As the name implies, the design is double-headed. Hence, engineers avail of more space and flexibility in the two-way connection.

Screw thread type: Customization is available to meet the specific requirements of the customers. 

Why pogo pin instead of other connector types?

Almost all kinds of electronic devices need pogo pins due to their high tolerance, durability, and versatile applications. So, no intelligent electronic designs are available without this preferred connector.

Enhanced user experience – Plug-in is very easy without cable rip-off

Constant current flow – The use of different pogo designs increases the contact points and increases the current flow’s steadiness.

Possibility of small volumes – High-precision turning machines use to produce pogo pins without the necessity of a mold. In contrast, other connectors use a stamping process in which a mold plays a significant role.

High current and limited space – There is a new trend increasing in the electronic industry called miniaturization. Unlike other connectors, pogo pins have a better space shared to the current.

Simple assembly with economical cost – At present, most electronics tend to face the increasing complexity issue. As an outcome, difficulties and assembly costs are also increasing. Here is where tts group comes in handy with pogo pins, which minimize the labor time spent to insert cable pins and introduce new designs manually.

So, engineers and industrial designers can receive a lot of advantages with different arrangement options.

Lasting lifetime – Pogo pins get hold of the best life while comparing to other considerable connectors. The reason is that pogo pins reduce the possibility of getting mechanical strains on each part.

High tolerance – Unstable connectors are the result of small production errors. Hence, they fail to touch the surface of their counterparts. But, pogo pins enable high tolerances during production time and simultaneously reduce the chances of experiencing errors.

You became familiar with the advantages you get from pogo pins and make a wise decision while buying the connectors for your electronic devices.