What To Consider When Buying A Watch For Sporting Activities

Sports watches are one of the most popular items on the wrists of athletes and celebrities alike. There is no better piece of equipment to accompany your activities than a watch that can tell the time for the person on the go. With so much riding on your ability to perform at your best, you want to know that your watch is doing everything possible to help you succeed. 

If you want to take your athletic abilities to the next level, then the sports wristwatch is exactly what you need. Many people who play sports also train simultaneously, and a sports watch is a great way to keep track of your training sessions. 

Some watches even have GPS technology built-in that will allow you to see exactly where you are in any given area. With the added feature of a calorie-burning calculator and so on. If you’d like to get a watch specifically for sporting activities, here’s what you should look for. 

  • Durability

Durability refers to a material’s ability to withstand the passage of time. This means that material should stand up to the pressure that it is put under throughout its lifetime. Watches designed for diving, such as the Rolex Submariner are often made with high quality, scratch-resistant materials. Durability is the resilience to physical damage, wear and tear over a product’s lifetime.  

This is a complicated property to measure – while a hard material may be relatively resistant to the feel of a blow, it might also be quite non-resistant if it is heavily eroded or decayed over some time. Fortunately, wristwatches meant for strenuous activities like diving are constructed of highly durable metal and often covered in a thick protective strap. Sports watches are used in active sports such as golf, athletics, rugby, and cycling. The materials used are highly resilient to the impacts that these sports cause. 

Durability is not just about the materials that a sports watch is made from; it is also important to consider the device’s construction. Watches are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions, so they must be able to withstand extreme temperatures, constant shocks, and even pressure.

  • Built-In GPS Device

Many athletes complain about the tendency of watches to dig into their arms and clench up during high-intensity workouts. The built-in GPS wristband may offer a less obnoxious alternative: it looks like an innocuous gold watch clasp. In reality, though, this watch can deliver high-performance features with the looks of a sports wristwatch.

High-performance GPS devices must offer more than just accurate timekeeping, though. For example, the built-in heart rate sensor is one of the most accurate and valuable features on any fitness watch. It measures your pulse rate while you are exerting yourself and then analyzes that data to determine your target heart rate zone. The built-in GPS receiver can also track your runs and get distance readings for each segment.

  • Battery Life

Watches with strong battery life like the Garmin Forerunner 245 take the idea of a long battery life one step further with their battery guarantee. Designed for runners, this stylish watch has strong battery life and accurate run tracking metrics. 

This brand is only one of the best sports watches on the market, though there are other brands with lasting battery life as well explicitly designed for people who like to work out outdoors.

  • Design

While some sportsmen might be more interested in function than design, a watch expresses your personality and style, and it is important that you choose a watch design that goes hand in hand with your personal tastes. A watch can say a lot about how you feel, what you like, and who you are, so when choosing a watch you should make sure that the style, the brand, and the features are appealing to you. 

Many sports watch designers these days offer a wide variety of watches with different features, and sometimes it’s difficult to make a choice. However, if you spend some time doing some research online, you will find the task of choosing a watch easier than you might imagine. 

One thing you need to keep in mind when trying to decide on a watch is whether you want a functional watch and a sleek design. 


The wristwatches designed for professional athletes and people who like the outdoors will be packed with features that would aid your lifestyle. These watches will have GPS navigation, so you know where you are going and heart rate monitoring to know how hard you are working. The other cool features you may find are things like water-resistant watch cases that allow for deepwater diving or a lightweight design, so you don’t have to lug around a heavy watch. We hope this article helps you out in picking the perfect watch. Good luck!

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