Why Does Art Involve Experience


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Why Does Art Involve Experience

What is the relationship between art and experience?

So to answer your question, experience is more of an option than the rule. Art involves the experience of the artist, who is trying to capture something he has seen or felt.And it also involves the experience of the viewer, who shares what the artist is attempting to convey. Originally Answered: Why does art involve experience?

Why is it important to have feelings in your art?

Because art is an expression of your self , your attitude, personality, ability and especially experience is what makes you...you. To be able to create an outstanding art, feelings emotions harnessed by experience brings out the best out of your art

What is art and why is it important?

Art is a skill, it is a way of expressing feelings, imagination, emotions, ideas through activity, events, or products. It reflects culture, human life, historical events, and other facts of life. Going through the old sculptures, buildings, monument …

What do you get from a person's experience when they create art?

One’s experience build who that individual is: their opinions, their emotions, their lifestyle, everything. When creating their art, a little piece of that gets exposed (whether consciously or subconsciously). You get a little glimpse into their psyche, Answer requested. I believe the answer to this question comes down to your philosophy of art.

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