Why Facebook Is The Place To Advertise Online!

In the year 2023, the pioneering social media site Facebook boasted over 3 billion active users! People go to the site for a wide variety of reasons, some of the most popular are to socialize, share, and to shop! If you want your online business to be a big success then hitch a ride with one of the biggest online successes in history by advertising on Facebook!

Facebook offers all kinds of great advantages to businesses who work with them, but it can be a bit daunting to get started. If you are seeking some expert help and advice, then look no further than King Kong Internet advertising agency, their cutting edge techniques and up-to-the-second market knowledge will have your business set on the right course from the get-go!

The following are some of the excellent benefits Facebook ads can offer you:

  • Robust Analytics – You will never need to guess when it comes to what’s working best in your Facebook ads, and what isn’t working! Facebook offers the most robust set of analytical tools in the world. You can monitor pretty much everything, page likes, post engagement, conversions, clicks, tracking, and of course, your sales! This clear lens into the workings of your ads will guarantee you can focus on success!
  • Granular Targeting Capabilities – Facebook gives you the opportunity to dive deep into what makes your target audience tick. You can tweak your ads to target user behaviours, age ranges, genders, demographics, locations, languages, and much more! Layer and combine this knowledge into the keys that will unlock the deepest desires of your potential customers, setting up a welcome sign that will be sure to draw them in!  
  • Open For Business 24/7 Worldwide – The sun never sets on Facebook, its users are active constantly! Facebook is everywhere there are people, and it’s impossible to ignore it if you are an online business, you simply must have a presence on the site or you will be missing out big time! The average Facebook user spends about 3 hours a day on social media, and Facebook is the place they flock to, so be ready to receive them!
  • A Community Of Customers – No other online platform gives you the opportunity to build a community of users who also happen to be your customers, dedicated to your goods and services. Build it, and they will come!

We hope we have inspired you to give Facebook advertising a try, we think it’s well worth your time!