Why has the online slot game taken over the physical slot machine?

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There are many online slots UK gamers out there who have been spinning the reels their whole life and might be baffled by the recent transformation of physical slot machines to online virtual ones. The slot machine has been a staple in most western cultures as a signifier of prosperity, wealth, and good times, so it can seem alienating to those who have always played on physical slot machines to see lots of the popularity move to the online world!

We are here to uncover why exactly the online slot game has taken over physical slot machines so that you can get a greater scope on the understanding of the history of slot games, know in which way technologies are developing, and decipher whether online slots or physical slots are the ones for you!

What are the main reasons that online slot games have become more popular than physical slot machines?

There is a certain nostalgia surrounding the physical slot machine because of its prevalence in many societies.

Their beautifully retro aesthetics of big levers and fruit machines, the consistency in which you can find them in bars and casinos, and, of course, the easy opportunity they have been to make lots of people lots of money.

If you are stumped as to why physical slots have been overtaken by the online slot world, then we have all the answers for you:

  •         Technology has shifted everything online. From cinemas with new platforms to shopping, and, of course, to betting. With all other forms of gambling shifting to an online platform – poker, sports betting, roulette – it is no wonder that physical slots would do so too.
  •         There is the ease with online slot machines because you can play them wherever you want and whenever you want! If you have slot games on your mobile phone then you can play slots whilst on the move, down the pub with friends, or even at your sister’s wedding!
  •         Online slot games have the ability to have more variety because their platform is much larger. Due to this, online slots can have far more different themes, bigger and better prizes, variations in odds for the player to decide which games suit them, and improved quality since they can be altered even after being published.

What is better: physical slot machines or online slots?

Some of you reading this might be die-hard real slot machine players, whereas others may only ever want to play the online games.

If you are still on the fence, fear not because we have our ultimate pros and cons list of both so that you can decide and see whether you are an in-person gamer or an igamer:

Physical Slot Machines Online Slots
You get to experience the atmosphere of the casino Much more variety in the games
There is no better feeling than winning real cash You can play the games that you love anywhere!
You can make likeminded friends down at the hall You pick the odds and you decide what suits you!