Working with car accident attorneys in Florida: Top aspects that matter!

A disturbing number of car crashes and auto accidents are reported in Florida every year. No matter who is at fault, there could be serious consequences. If you have been injured in a car accident and believe that the other party is responsible for your condition and losses, you may choose to file for a compensation claim. Motor vehicle owners in Florida are required to maintain what is known as PIP, or personal injury protection coverage, under which the maximum benefit payable is $10,000, for medical expenses in general. Obviously, this is grossly inadequate in most cases. 

Once you have received medical assistance and feel better, consider hiring a Boca Raton car accident attorney. The role of an attorney in such cases is often underrated. In this post, we are sharing more on the things that you must discuss while working with an attorney. 

  1. Share your version. Just like you would be entirely transparent and honest to a doctor, you have to act similarly with an attorney. Let your attorney know of your version of the accident in an accurate manner, even if you were at fault. This allows the attorney to prep the case accordingly. Make sure that small details related to the incident are mentioned. 
  2. Ask about possible outcomes. Experienced auto accident attorneys have a fair idea of what to expect in terms of claim and outcomes in each case, as long as you have been truthful and transparent. Your attorney will explain in depth as to what your claim is worth, factors that may influence the settlement, and if there is a chance that a lawsuit would be needed. 
  3. Seek advice. Sometimes, an attorney may recommend the client to accept what is being offered by the insurance company, while in other cases, the same attorney may pursue the matter more aggressively. Let your attorney know that you are ready for any suggestions and give them the room to offer just and honest advice. 
  4. Ask about their experience. As a prospective client, you have every right to ask an attorney about their experience, car accident matters they have handled so far, and if they have worked on cases similar to yours. Also, ensure that the attorney you meet is the one fighting your case – You wouldn’t want a fresh graduate or intern to represent you. 
  5. Know the costs. There could be other costs involved in a case beyond the attorney’s fee. Most lawyers are either hired on a retainer basis, or are paid a decided part of the compensation, depending on the claim. You need to have a fair idea of the expenses and if the whole case is worth the time and effort. 

Finally, it is important to allow the attorney to take over. Let them talk to the insurance company, any other party involved, and witnesses. Your lawyer will always do his/her part of the investigation to establish a strong case in your favor.