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What does Yamete mean?

Overall, yamete is a Japanese word that means stop. It has many forms that change the intensity of politeness of the verb, including yamete yo, yamete kudasai, yamete kura, and yamero.

What's the difference between Yamero and Yamete?

Of the two やめろ (yamero) is the bossier one. やめて (yamete) comes across a bit softer; it's basically やめてください (yamete kudasai) minus the ください (kudasai). やめろ (yamero) is actually the imperative form of the verb, hence the pushy sense it can give off.

What is Yamete Kudasai?

The most polite version of these is “yamete kudasai.” In the Japanese language this is written as やめて ください, and means “please stop it.” People in Japan may use this phrase if they are trying to get a bus or taxi to stop for them. By adding different suffixes or slightly changing the word itself, yamete can change in intensity.

What is Yamete in loverslab?

- Combat Sex - LoversLab Yamete! V4.3 Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name) Yamete is a Combat Defeat & Death Alternative Mod which is able to handle any and every Combination of Player, Follower & NPC Defeat During Combat, Yamete will take care of the Player, up to 10 Followers and another 16 random NPC/Creatures in the Area

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